3 Mindset Questions To Really Kick-Start Your Day.

Chris Bowness
4 min readSep 25, 2021

and create some self-love at the same time.

The mind is an amazing thing, I just believe we let it drive our life rather than allowing it to play its part in the amazing navigation system which is our body. Our mind works better when it’s given directions rather than allowing it to take the steering wheel.

I believe the mind gets a bad reputation because we often confuse it with our ego, something I’ll touch on in another article. For me the mind is the amazing physical matter that is inside our head and is equal to the other parts of our body but believing we are our minds is no different from believing we are our left ear.

“Believing you are your mind is like knowing your body is a temple and never leaving the attic.”

I like to the of our minds as a powerful search engine that we give ideas to, and it can instantaneously come up with solutions and results. It is an amazing problem solver. I believe though the best way to get the results we desire and use it as part of our internal navigation system is to ask it really solid, grounded and clear questions.

Furthermore, I believe the clearer the questions the better, but also the fewer the questions the better. So here I want to share the three questions, seeing as is it the magic number, I like to start my day with, whilst also threading them with self-love.

1, What is the one thing I can do today to move me one step closer to my dream, with resources available?

This first question really creates a first step and a tone for the rest of the questions to come. I also add the boundary of with the resources available because before I added that the mind would often come back with overwhelming results, I think of it as setting boundaries with my mind.

The thing I love about this question is it allows you permission to be wherever you need to be and never anything more. One day this could be telling someone in the street about your project, sending that email or sometimes spending a whole day on your website, all things that are valuable towards your dream but help prevent burnt out.



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